Leo’s Buffet

I’m sure anyone who has kids knows just how picky a toddler can be. Leo usually isn’t afraid to try new things, but after having a terrible stomach bug, his appetite just isn’t the same. I’ve started to be creative in getting him to eat healthy foods. Here a few things I’ve come up with…

Snack Tray

20111201-125542.jpgI bought a plastic egg container and I keep it filled with bite-sized snacks that Leo is able to eat. These include the following:

Cut up apples
Cut up pear
Cut up celery
Cut up banana
Steamed broccoli

I also keep dips on hand for the fruits and veggies:

Pimento Cheese

Whole fat Greek yogurt with cinnamon added and sweetened with vanilla stevia

Whole fat Greek yogurt with ranch seasoning added

"Star" Sandwich Bites

He now has his own spot in the refrigerator where I keep foods he can eat.  This keeps him from digging around in the refrigerator for random things, such as hot sauce and martini olives!


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